I loves stories more than anything and largely prefer fiction to reality, mostly because reality is not my friend. I suppose I would call myself a liberal Christian, but I am often frustrated with the Church and God himself. My fictional obsessions have been The Chronicles of NarniaFriendsHarry Potter, and currently Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Joss Whedon is a genius), which means that my mind is almost always present in that world, regardless of my state in reality. I love Jane Eyre, Jane Austen, Dr Who, and The Screwtape Letters, and I am working on my own original fiction – a fantasy trilogy – so maybe this blog is a way of allowing myself to write without the pressure of a final product, although chances are I’ll still wrack my brains over every little word. I’m trying to work on not taking things so seriously, but when the world is watching (or you know the world could be watching), I want to make sure that what I write is truly what I mean.



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