Shame on you, Dead Pool

I watched Dead Pool on the weekend with my parents, which was very creative and witty, and today my mom and I were discussing the movie, because I said if I were the executive producer I would have dialled down the rauchiness just a smidge. Then I realized that I mostly had issues with the longish sex montage, and it was because yes, this man is faithful to one woman, so good message, but it’s Dead Pool:  he knows he’s in a movie, which means he knows we’re watching, and all genuine intimacy is ruined. I said that you could keep the script identical – because Dead Pool is all about the talking anyways – but still show that their sex life was quirky, silly, and dirty, but without being so graphic. In fact, you could escalate the dirtiness, then have Dead Pool turn the camera away and say, ‘Sorry, no peeping Toms and Janes for this one. So you know it’s going to be really good.’ I think it would’ve fit the message of monogamy as well as fun in the bedroom (which I heartily support), without making the relationship a spectacle, and you’d be in keeping with the ‘Dead Pool knows he’s in a movie’ bit.

Sarah James out.


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