Outline of Book One: Check

I have officially finished the detailed outline of my first Buffy fanfic book. My grand narrative is in three stages, and the first stage is in three books. So yes, hefty undertaking, but what are hobbies for, if not to keep your mind occupied for the next however many years you have to wait until real life becomes bearable? The task of writing out the full book is much scarier, not only because that’s when the final product has to live up to my own extremely strict standards, but because once I’m done I no longer have an excuse not to post it online somewhere. Oddly enough, finding a website with ready-made Buffy fan fiction scares me almost as much as having the finished product available for the world to see, so if anyone out there who’s not terrified of searching out new things online knows a good fanfic site with decent stories, quality, etc. (not necessarily exclusive to Buffy, but that’s probably the best place to start), please let me know. Meanwhile, I’m doing my best to turn the outline into an official story, and I’m telling myself to try and write just a little – even one line – every day.


One thought on “Outline of Book One: Check

  1. Fanfiction.net is a pretty safe fanfic website and is user-friendly. Depending on content, you may be better off on another site if you have very explicit material since ff.net tends to be pretty strict about that. Semi-explicit is okay for their site. AO3 (archive of our own) is another fairly user-friendly site that I gravitate towards (and they are happy with any level of content as long as you label it). I don’t know of any Buffy-specific archives since I don’t usually read in that fandom (I’ve been mostly reading Avengers and Criminal Minds fanfic lately), but I’m sure you could google and find something.


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