An aside to all you Ashley Madison idiots

So I’ve realized that the only acceptable reason to end a marriage is abuse, whether physical or emotional, and because I believe that a serial cheater would qualify as emotionally abusive, I have a few potentially naive, yet logical comments on fidelity …

When you love someone enough to want them as a life partner, you can’t just lose yourself in your still-raging hormones or the flowery romantic claims that you can’t imagine your life without this person. The real test comes after the passion lessens, and your life is full of bills, kids, appointments, in-laws, and the revelation that a disproportionate number of Ottawa residents are signed onto an infidelity website, that you still want to be with this person more than all the other ‘potential’ love connections that inevitably come at the times when you’re feeling most dissatisfied with your committed relationship. Do you love your partner enough to forgo the lure of forbidden fruit? Because despite the cliché, too many of the former ‘one and onlys’ don’t take this question into account – and if they do, they certainly don’t take it seriously.

In short, don’t be stupid enough to assume that you’ll never look at another person your whole life, because even if you don’t, your partner probably will, and you both need to be prepared and armed against it. Real love is not about never having feelings for another person – it’s about both of you affirming your choice to be with only each other, regardless of circumstances, like you promised.


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