A new purpose for my fan fiction

I had a terrible sleep because my mind kept going over a chapter for my Buffyverse fan fiction, but the ideas flowed well enough to inspire me to write it down instead of just writing about it to save for later. This also reminded me of a promise I made to myself and my closest friends. It takes me an excruciatingly long time to do anything worthwhile in the writing realm, and I believe most writer personalities experience something similar, and if you’re like me, with bipolar depression and Asperger’s, in the end you usually shelf the ideas, because really, what’s the point?

However, I had a sort of personal revelation as I annoyed myself for the nth time in trying to coax my friends to understand all the layers of meaning in Joss Whedon’s first hit series. The best way and most unobtrusive way to share your ideas is to put them in a story. For example, in the past I have worked on another fanfic – Harry Potter from Ginny’s perspective – and more than anything my plans for that story reveal my interpretation of the canon. So I am making that promise official. To my closest friends, my current Buffy-buds – Marie, Gina, Louise, and my sister’s boyfriend, Bruce – my new purpose for writing my fanfic ideas in prose form is to share them with you. And however long that takes, hopefully they live up to the hype.


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