So I guess there is a tactful way to give someone the finger

On a recent road trip I experienced what probably has happened to every driver: I merged into the fast lane, knowing full well how much space I had, and the driver behind me was somehow offended by the action and flipped me off. Now, I have to say that the last time I did something to piss off another driver, he followed me to where I parked – which, FYI, was at a funeral home – just to chew me out, and all the while what happened was his fault.

So, I suppose I was expecting similar treatment from the guy on the highway, and I felt a measure of surprise when he didn’t tailgate me, or flash his high beams, or creep after me until one of us took the off ramp, or even cast me a dirty look. We simply went about our merry ways, which made me think that his obscene gesture was more cathartic than vindictive, and I admit that I was kind of impressed.


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